Leaders in creating a community sourced, authentic, and meaningful Canadian musical identity.


Canadiana Music featured Artists are upheld to a high quality standard and are a part of the community offering education and mentorship to future generations of local artists. 


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Canadiana Music hosts events that showcase local artists, allowing emerging artists to secure fan base and funding.

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Deni Kobi

Oct 7, 2022
Highwood Memorial Center


At the root of it, Canadiana Music is a production and recording company striving to build a community to support local and emerging artists.

On a deeper level, Canadiana Music has a vision to be leaders in creating a community sourced, authentic, and meaningful Canadian musical identity. By creating partnerships with sponsors, musician alumni and other stakeholders, we will create a community to provide funding, coaching and ongoing mentorship for future generations of Canadian musicians.



Canadiana Music provides a business education for emerging artists. The Curriculum covers branding, marketing, budgeting, and explores the multitude of ways to make a living playing music.

Artist Coaching and Mentorship

The Canadiana Cultivator Program is geared towards accelerating the career of emerging artists. At the end of the program, an emerging Artist will have a full length album, consistent branding, and a several opportunities to showcase and present their original music.


Canadiana Music can facilitate the production of your next event in a multitude of ways, including Sound Reinforcement, Lights, AV Support, Live Streaming. Canadiana Music can also provide performers and entertainment for your next event.


Canadiana Music has a vast network of talented session players for live or studio work. There is also a Studio Location located in Turner Valley, and a network of other local studios to help sculpt Artist's work into exactly the end product they want. Also ask about our Legacy Recording program to help preserve our aging artist's work.

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